Sunday, March 11, 2007

movie review

Recently I saw a couple of movies; I'm very fortunate that my local librarian is wonderful about getting new movies as soon as they come out on DVD.

D and I saw Marie Antoinette. It was okay, I was a bit upset as I had really high hopes for the movie. The costumes and the scenery were stunning. The acting was okay, not great but passable. Unfortunately the entire movie was completely ruined for me by the score. They juxtaposed contemporary music with this piece. Imagine seeing the countryside around Versaille while listening to "I Want Candy."

Okay, maybe the sentiment behind the song fits but the score itself most certainly does not in my opinion.

Steve and I watched Mission Impossible: III. We were so tickled by the rating notice that there was frenetic violence that we kept remarking to each other about the frenetic action and the frenetic dialog, etc. It was okay entertainment, sort of more of the same in that franchise with a lot of blowing up things and huge fireballs.

Note to self: I need a rating system - so many somethings. Have to think about this. Ratings for the above?

Marie Antoinette - 2 1/2 whatevers
MI:III - 3 whatevers

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