Friday, March 23, 2007

podding along

I got an ipod for the holidays. It's pretty and pink and little. Fits in my pocket and goes anywhere.

It's great because I can listen to my podcasts on the road or around the house without the formerly clunky method of having to download, burn to CD, play only in the minivan with CD player.

But I'm discovering an addiction here. I don't listen to music on my ipod. Only podcasts. Why? Because I think I am listening to too many podcasts! Of course I also have this bizarre problem of wanting to listen to every single episode so I have to go waaaay back in time to get all caught up.

My first podcast was innocently suggested to me by my friend Meg, Cast-On by the wonderful, witty, melifluous-voiced Brenda Dayne.

Somehow I then found my way to Geek.Farm.Life with Misty and Andrew. They are very funny, very interesting and occasionally mention knitting (Misty not Andrew).

From there the list began to grow, and grow, and grow. I finally had to winnow it down when I realized that I was unable to stay on top of even just a week of podcasts.

So what's on my podlist now?

Aside from the above mentioned two there is:

Sticks and String - more knitting
Car Talk - no knitting but I love listening to Tom and Ray laugh
A Prairie Home Companion - where all the women are strong
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - always hilarious, I want Carl Kasell to leave the message on my answering machine.
60 Second Science - got a minute?

Then I discovered I could get free audio books!

The Age of Innocence - read by Brenda Dayne. I waited until I had all 34 chapters. Now I'm waiting for...time? quiet? Will start soon.

Librivox has more audio books that you can download for free, classics of literature. Now if only I could learn to podread in my sleep!

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