Sunday, March 11, 2007

top o' the day to ye

Aye and 'tis a week airly doncha know...but whe're celebratin' ahl the same.

Just got back from the annual neighborhood St. Patrick's Day party. Yes it's a week early but there were logistical reasons behind the need for the switch. Trust me it didn't stop any of us from enjoying the party. They're up to 25 pounds of corned beef at this thing every year. And three people to bring the Irish Soda bread to make sure there's enough. Lots of goodies and munchies and great conversations.

The amazing thing is how much bigger all the kids seem to have gotten over the winter. You have to remember that when it's as cold as it has been around here we don't see each other until spring. The most we do is wave in passing or chat in the IGA when we run into each other. We all enjoy these opportunities to catch up with each other. Soon enough it will be spring and we'll all be busy with gardens and sports and outdoor activities...probably won't see most of them until the annual Memorial Day get-together.

This sense of rhythym is part of our neighborhood life; it's comforting in an odd way to know that you will be seeing people at the annual events in the neighborhood or around town. Nice to catch up, admire each other's children, enjoy the company of neighbors.

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

I used to take my daughter and pick her up each day when she was in kindergarten. I just happened to be pregnant with Bridget at the time but because it was so cold, I was always wearing my BIG puffy coat. None of the other "waiting" parents knew I was pregnant until I was about seven months along and I showed up one day without my coat on. You should have seen their faces!

Mmmm . . . corned beef :-)