Tuesday, March 27, 2007

small town happiness

One of the best things about living in a small town is that the rules are a little different here. This past weekend was the Library Book Sale. I missed it because I was out of town. Not that I needed anymore books mind you, but it never hurts to see what's available.

When I went into the library today bemoaning the fact that I missed out I was given permission to sneak wander downstairs to peruse what was left. It's probably better that I wasn't there in the beginning because I might have been tempted by more books. What I did manage to find was:

A copy of May Byron's Jams and Jellies!! Score!
Greene on Greens (another score! I have his Greene on Grains and love it)
On Being Happy by Patrick Yee (a sweet little book on with cute drawings)
A book on the language of flowers (total impulse buy but neat to have)
I also got a three other books for a friend by an author I know she likes.

I almost bought a couple of herbal remedy books but restrained myself. I also resisted the siren call of the fiction stacks. No knitting books sadly. All for
$10 and some of it not even for me, what a deal.

Jams and Jellies and the Greene on Greens books are going to be very useful soon. Jamming season isn't quite here but is on the horizon as is my farm share (our third year) of greens and other fresh, local organic goodies. Yum!

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