Thursday, March 15, 2007

birdie birdie in the window

We have been assaulted lately by a cardinal who obviously thinks that he lives here. He keeps dive bombing our office window. I'm really afraid that the poor thing is going to give himself a concussion or do some serious damage. Of course the fact that he has been at it for over a week doesn't seem to have slowed him down any.

I'm not sure why he is so attracted to this particular window. At first we thought perhaps he was seeing his reflection and chasing away a rival. But even when it's rainy and foggy, like today, he's still at it. Truth be told it's getting a little annoying to keep hearing this thump against the window.

The cat is immensely entertained, she thinks this is the best thing ever. One moment that I wish I had caught on film was when I hear a very loud thumpf and looked up to see the bird spread winged on the window and the cat stretched out on the inside of the window. Then they both fell down.

When he's not flying into the window he is gripping on the trim and pecking at it. We've tried putting up things on the window to prove that it is not open. Doesn't work. I wish he would find himself a nice lady cardinal and just go somewhere else.

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sam said...

I just read an article about a peace-loving granny, a tree-hugging liberal (her words), in her 60's, who went out and bought a gun to kill a cardinal who was doing the same thing to her house, for almost two years! It was the funniest little essay, because I had never heard of that, and I cannot believe you are having the same problem. Here's the address to the article . I hope your bird gets smart, quickly!