Thursday, March 08, 2007

the spindle

I learned something new today. On the envelope from my friend Freye was a stamp.

Of a galaxy called The Spindle stamp note: 72p - The Spindle C53This is the only galaxy featured on the stamps and is an amazing 32 million light-years away from the Sun, near the constellation of Sextans. It contains a black hole (which is about one billion times larger than the Sun) and a very bright nucleus, making it visible with powerful binoculars.

I liked it because I like fiber-related things so I thought it was neat that there was a galaxy called The Spindle. I also wound up spending some time on astronomy sites looking for other fiber-related named objects but didn't find any.

I think this stamp is going to have to go in my scrapbook because I like it so much. Steve and V are the stamp collectors (I collect first day covers) but this stamp is mine!

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