Sunday, March 18, 2007

it was a party indeed

We had a huge family party to celebrate Miss V's 18th. My in-laws and brother made it in safely although it took both families much longer to make the drive than normal due to the bad weather.

Saturday, the day of the festivities, started off with a call from the local IGA stating that the bread had not arrived yet for our wedges. Luckily it did make it here in time.

Followed by streams of relatives, Aunts, Cousins, Babies, and even a long-time family friend from all the way across the country. We ate, drank, sang (repeatedly) and had lots of fun. The twins are two and have discovered the joys of M&M's. It's the only way I was able to convince Miss E to let me hold her. Her brother M was delighted to discover Tobi's cage, crawled right in and shut the door behind him. It was a picture perfect moment that no one caught on film.

With all of the cousin dogs here it was a bit riotous as well, a HUGE golden, a boxador and our Tobi who suddenly looked rather small in comparison. The dogs chased, played, knocked over stuff with their tails and two (who shall not be named) ate cake off the counter. Chloe prudently hid out in my bedroom stoic and aloof.

In order to make my life easier everything was bought prepared, it's the first time I've ever done that. More expensive but definitely worth it...less time spent cooking means more time with guests. Lunch was chips and dips and vegies and snacks and wedges. With an enormous birthday cake. We still have half the cake left, luckily it's going to school with V on Monday to remove the temptation. It was a chocolate mousse Costco cake and I have to say they are the very best.

Enough people stayed for dinner that I was able to make a lovely turkey dinner complete with broccoli, salad, potatoes and my mother-in-law's amazing chocolate nut brownies for dessert. mmmmmmm delicious and worth every extra pound.

The only bummer about the entire weekend? I have a sinus infection. I'm on antibiotics so my sinuses feel better. Unfortunately when they opened up the floodgate of snot running down my throat caused me to lose my voice. Those who know me know that this was complete torture. A houseful of people I love and unable to talk with them! But we managed to visit and hopefully everyone had a really lovely time.

If the number of items left behind is any indication* they must have.

*For those who don't know it is an understood custom that you only leave things behind in places where you want to return.

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K said...

Happy Birthday, V!!