Monday, March 26, 2007

awesomely bad

The weather was so warm and springlike today that after school we, D, V, Tobi and I decided to head down to the school field for some exercise. D brought her friend S to walk to the track, V and I brought tennis rackets. I would like to report that I have not lost any of my stunning form. Balletic and graceful I managed to miss every single shot.

After D and S got tired of having Tobi drag them around the muddy, gloppy track they brought him over to the courts and shut him in with us. They then escaped to the school playground where it was drier. Having Tobi on the court made the game much more interesting as he was eager to play ballboy but not so eager to give up the balls once he had fetched them. Considering how much tennis golf we were playing it's a miracle that we managed to keep any of the tennis balls to play with as Tobi is amazingly fast on astroturf.

Eventually, soggy footed and worn out, we headed for home. I can report that a good time was had by all.

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