Sunday, March 11, 2007

grains of gratitude

Today has been an amazing day. They all are really but for some reason knowing that I was going to be writing this post I found myself being more conscious of the little gratitudes (and big ones) all around me.

I am grateful for my church. The people there are amazing, the Minister is wonderful and the fellowship is strong.

I am grateful for the warmer weather.

I am grateful for daylight savings and the fact that it didn't get dark until 7 pm tonight.

I am grateful for V making dinner tonight.

I am grateful for the neighborhood that I live in and my neighbors and friends who are here.

I am grateful for my wonderful husband.

I am grateful that we live in this country where my daughters can live an independent, self-determined life. Lately it has really been on my mind to realize how much we have in that regard that is not available to so many women around the world. It truly is a wonderful thing.

I am grateful for the laughter of my daughters as they are working together on a sewing project.

It's been a wonderful day.

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