Friday, September 29, 2006

30 days of peace - day four

With thanks to Chaotic Home for the graphic.

Today I feel so very grateful. Funny enough I do feel calmer too. Not sure if that's just because there wasn't a lot to get upset about or because by focusing on calm and peace it is wending it's way into our home. Of course with adolescents under roof I'm sure it will only last so long but I'll take every moment I can get.

Today's list of gratitudes:

  • My friend's Rita and Anil who are so generous of spirit and always feed me wonderful meals
  • Another beautiful sunny day
  • Tea with my friend Helene
  • The public library - a wonderful institution

As my Aunt taught me to say, Chalamot Paz (sparkly dreams) and may you have a peaceful tomorrow.

1 comment:

Chaotic Mom said...

I LOVE the word "gratitudes"! What a good idea, to list what you've been thankful for in the day. That would be a good idea for an end of day notebook or something. Hmmm... ;)

YES! We LOVE the public library! And they love us, too, or maybe it's the overdue fines we've paid that have helped to stock the shelves? (BIG grin on that one.)