Wednesday, September 13, 2006

thursday thirteen

Ooh, a new meme, lessee I've got Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and now Thursday. Kind of fun really.

Here's mine for this week. 13 things I have preserved/canned/pickled so far this year (in no particular order):

1. pickled green tomatoes
2. tomato sauce
3. red currant jelly
4. zucchini bread and butter pickles
5. eggplant garlic chutney
6. sour cherry walnut conserve
7. rhubarb lemon jam
8. rhubarb blackberry jam
9. rhubarb strawberry jam (can you tell I had a lot of rhubarb?)
10. rhubarb apricot jam
11. peach liqueur (in process but it's a canned item)
12. cherry tomato pickles
13. dilly beans

You too can play along at Thursday 13


Vicky said...

Wow! What an unbelievably busy bee you must in the kitchen!!! And can I have some of the peach liqueur please!! Sounds wonderful!
(Thanks for visiting my TT!)

Raggedy said...

My My you have been busy in the kitchen!
My TT is up too

Lindsay said...

You sound like you are pretty good at preserving/canning/pickling!
i wich I knew how.. maybe you could do another TT or WFMW and teach us :)
mines up

MysteriousLady said...

Dang you've been busy! You could send me a can or two! I loved tomatos!

Happy TT!

Mama Duck said...

Busy, busy!! Ours is up - 13 things I'm doing once we recover from this sickness!!

Anonymous said...

You are more ambitious than I! Cheers from NJ

Zeus said...

Goodness! There's no way I could do any of that! Numbers 7-9 sound absolutely delicious!

Happy Thursday to you! Feel free to visit my list as well if you get the chance!

Incog & Nito said...

You have been busy - Great TT - have a great weekend.

DK said...

Love your list! Brings back so many great memories. I was a city kid, but we had good friends who owned a farm and one summer mom decided to can. We had yummy garden stuff all winter! Have a wonderful weekend and stop by my blog whenever you're in the neighborhood...