Saturday, September 23, 2006


Truth time...I have had a migraine that has not fully gone away for two days now. Functioning has not been easy.

A few days ago I had a big pot of tomatoes cooked down and ready to can for sauce but I put the pot in the fridge to do it later because I was so tired and not feeling well. Tonight Steve asked if he could can it. I showed him where everything was, explained how to do it (put it in the sterilized jar, wipe the jar, lid, ring, boil) and came upstairs to go back to bed.

Now I'm sitting here feeling a little sad, perplexed, and confused. Canning is something that I really enjoy. I mean it makes me feel really good to produce those jars for my family. But I'm not feeling well so he's doing it for me. Somehow I feel like I am failing/slipping/incapable because of this. It sort of ties in to my "not perfect" type post earlier today. I'm grateful that he wants to do this, can do it, and did it cheerfully. I just can't shake the fact that somehow, on some level, it is bothering me. Don't know why, just trying to deal with it so that I can let it go.

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Overwhelmed! said...

How's your head feeling? Is the migraine gone?

My older sister grew up with debilitating migraines. She used to have to enclose herself in a quiet dark room and take migraine medication to try to get over it.

Try not to feel too bad about not being able to do the canning. I'll bet it made Steve feel great to be able to help! I'm sure there will be more canning for you to do again.