Tuesday, September 12, 2006

knit time

Tuesday, my Stitch Sister night. It was a small meeting tonight, just four of us.

I collected another hat for the homeless. I think we're all getting a bit burned out by hats. I have two in process, everyone else seems to have one on the needles and I think this is going to be the last hats before we decide to drop them off. I'll count once we are done collecting.

It's really been an amazing effort. Even though we didn't reach our goal of 100 we still made a significant contribution to making hats that will help keep others warm during the cold winters we have here.

We all admire and enjoy each other's hats, sharing tips for creating and color matching and stash-using-up. Some of the hats are not so pretty, some are incredible creations, some are just, well, hats. But each of them is a investment of time and thought. It's hard when you are making a hat for someone you don't know not to think about who might be wearing that hat. To hope that it will keep them warm and possibly to give them hope that someone cares even if it is someone that they will never meet. I find myself wondering about all the sizes and colors that we have and the reactions of people when they have the opportunity to choose a hat for themselves from this collection we've made. Once they find a size that fits well will they like the colors? Will the ability to choose help make them feel warmer inside? Perhaps I'm overly optimistic about how much these hats will be appreciated, but I know that as a community of women this project has really helped us bond even more and given us a good outlet for our talents in a way that allows us to give back for all we have.

It's a good feeling.

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