Tuesday, September 26, 2006

30 days of peace - day 1

I hope this is okay. I just found Chaotic Home and was reading her blog. I liked the idea of finding something in each day to be peaceful about/grateful for. I know sometimes I feel so overwhelmed (doesn't everyone) that by the time I collapse into bed I've not spent enough time being grateful for all I have. Believe me I know I have a lot, it's just that sometimes you tend to lose sight of that.

While I don't promise to post every day I am going to spend part of my day for the next 30 days focusing on being grateful and positive about something in my life.

Tonight it's Stitch Sisters. We had our usual meeting tonight. As always it was wonderful although a bit sad with the loss of one of our sisters last week. I'm continually amazed by how we all manage to support each other and how well we all get along. It's truly a gift to have found myself surrounded by these amazing women.

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Chaotic Mom said...

YEAH! If YOU don't mind, I'll add you to my posts now, too. Hey, and BTW, I didn't post yesterday, either. Got caught up in clearing out the office, couldn't even get to the computer!

Not peaceful at all. But much better NOW! ;)

Hey, I'm VERY sorry for the loss of one of your Stitch Sisters. I think it IS wonderful how you've all gotten together and supported eachother, too.