Friday, September 29, 2006

book review

As promised here is a book review from my Fall Into Reading challenge list (challenge posted by Katrina).

I read this book and loved every minute of it. The descriptions of the characters, the dialog, the shift in perspectives was very well done. The story really draws you in. As the author is careful to note, the events portrayed in the story did not happen, the U.S. Government did not trade 1,000 white women as Cheyenne brides for 1,000 horses. But it's based on the fact that the Cheyenne did propose such a thing. Apparently their belief was that this would help their culture to successfully merge with the white man's culture. A fascinating and different type of story, I highly recommend it and kudos to my sister-in-law for recommending it to me.

Book review number two really isn't much of one.

Savannah Breeze was supposed to be on my summer reading list and I somehow never got to it. Although the story line seems cute, light and easy to read (Socialite gets rooked by con-man of everything she owns except a ramshackle hotel. Sets out to rebuild hotel, find con-man and take back her life) I couldn't really get into it. This is definitely one of those, take to the lake and read while the kids splash kind of books. I guess I'll put it back on my list to try again next summer when I am in search of more fluffy fare.

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