Wednesday, September 06, 2006

deer poop!

What is it with dogs and deer poop? Tobi just rolled in it. Again!

Steve and I went for a walk on Monday evening. Tobi managed to find and roll in a particularly noxious pile. The car ride home in our little Scion was, needless to say, rather fragrant.

Steve helped me hoist Tobi into the girls shower (Tobi has definitely put on weight and length in the last three months, I can't pick him up anymore). He's a chicken and hates to be bathed. But he suffered through it.

Today while I was taking trash to the dump and my Flylady fling boogies to Goodwill I left Tobi outside. When I came home he came running over to greet me. A rather distinct aroma rose up. Bleah! Urgh! Yuck!!! Luckily D came home just as I was contemplating wrestling the dog into the tub. I paid her $5 bucks and she washed him.

Sam used to do the same thing. I don't understand what is so attracting about smearing the stuff all over you. They always seem to come home with this goofy grin. And here I thought having a dog would help keep the deer away. Not if he smells like one.

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