Wednesday, August 30, 2006

wfmw - keys

h/t to Dad for this one. I should explain first that I used to carry all of my keys with me. It was bulky and heavy. When going through a security check somehow my entire keyring disappeared. What a hassle. Now Steve and I each have a carabiner key ring. We keep all our keys on rings and only slide on the ones that we need at any given time. Changing cars? Change keys. I do have a khamsa on mine that D bought me in Israel. But that's it. So much lighter and easier. Plus if I lose a key I don't have to replace everything.

If you want to play along visit Shannon.


Overwhelmed! said...

Great tip, thanks for sharing! I've managed to ween myself down to just 3 keys on my keyring, so it's not so bad!

Thanks for your comment on my WFMW creating blogging categories post.

If you're so inclined, stop by this coming Friday and participate in my Five Ingredient Friday recipe exchange! :)

org junkie said...

Hello! Great tip! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Mama Duck said...

Wonderful idea! Our tip is up and we're also hosting the Carnival of the Vanities this week if you haven't visited it already ;).