Thursday, August 24, 2006

book review

I brought two books on vacation with me and so I am sharing my thoughts about these books.

The first one was Dragon's Kin by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey. It's a cute book, very easy to read just like all the others. The story line is fairly predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. Truthfully I couldn't tell any difference in the writing style with Todd adding in. I've been out of touch with this series for a long time, apparently Todd is taking over for his Mum. Neat twist in that this story was about the watch whers instead of the dragons so we learned more about them. I was disappointed that there were some unfinished elements in the book such as how the uncle was dealt with and why he was allowed to behave the way he did. Other than that I found it to be a good overall addition to the series.

The second book was the Book of Joe. I did not like this book and did not finish it. The book starts with a graphic description of an act of oral sex and seems to go downhill from there. I valiantly tried to read it figuring that perhaps the author was just looking for shock value but after 20 or so pages had to put it down. Not for me.

This left me reading magazines but luckily there were a number of them at the house we rented.

Back to the library next week to request my next book or two, I'll keep you posted as I work my way through my list (which is getting very long btw, especially due to Kevin's post.)

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