Tuesday, August 29, 2006

family fun

Yesterday Steve, D and I got together with my brother and his family. We all went to Six Flags together. We got there when the park opened and stayed until it closed. A really full fun day. The kids had a great time going on lots of rides in the morning. Steve thinks the parks should have a "chicken pass." A special price break for those who won't ride roller coasters.

After lunch we went to IllusionQuest, the magic show. Both my nephew M and I got to be in the show, it was kind of fun. M got to be the magician's apprentice, wearing the coat and hat (too big), with assistants in glimmery short dresses (yech - he's only 8 he wasn't impressed) and to help with the cutting-a-lady-in-half trick. Very fun and we all cheered like mad.

Next he picked me (I didn't volunteer) to lend him a ring which he made disappear. He had a vending machine full of stuff in it and eventually made my ring come out in one of those little plastic caps. It was fun and an interesting trick.

A few more rollercoasters and then on to Hurricane Harbor where the kids and my sister-in-law splashed about. I took a nap in the shade, very relaxing. The race for one last rollercoaster and then the park was closed.

We went to the Red Robin burger restaurant - home of the unlimited-bottomless-fries-basket. We had never been there. The burgers were really good. A fun meal together and then we each headed our respective way home.

Altogether is was a fabulous way to spend the day, one of the last few before summer is over. Wednesday starts the school year.

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