Tuesday, August 08, 2006

stitch sisters

Lots of fun tonight. We had dessert to go with our knitting (which of course meant we had to put our knitting down for a while but no one seemed to complain). Raspberry sherbert with peaches and also including blackberries from my garden. Quite a tasty treat to go along with our usual goodness of community gathering.

We also collected 7 more hats! I'm so impressed by how many hats we have managed to make. It's really wonderful to see the collection growing. So many different styles, colors, sizes. It's going to be great when we take them to the shelter.

Speaking of hats one of our members brought a fabulous book to the meeting. So many cute designs (and babies). We all passed it around and admired it. The sister who brought it threatened to beat any of us with a purse if the book went missing :-D

All in all it was the usual wonderful get-together that it always is.

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