Saturday, August 26, 2006

ten things

Ooh, I saw this over at Amy's and tagged myself because it was so funny. Unfortunately it was a long time ago and this got lost in bloggydraftland but it has resurfaced and so here it is:

Ten things you'll probably never hear me say:

1. Why of course, help yourself to all of my clothes. (to my teenage daughters - who abscond with my stuff regularly)

2. No, it's fine. Dirty all the pots you want; I don't mind washing up after you. (same kids)

3. No chocolate for me thanks.

4. A pet ferret? No problem.

5. More horseradish please.

6. You want to cancel bedtime, why not?

7. I don't mind buying you $90 sneakers.

8. Let's watch Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo together, it's my favorite show too.

9. You want to go to Chinatown by yourself? I don't see why not. (to 12 year old who thinks she'll just "take the train.")

10. Starting right now I'm going to double your allowance...just because.

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