Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I've recently found a new place to hang out in the blogosphere. Lots of mom blogs here. The hard part is I see my blogroll increasing, again. The good part is I like what I'm finding.

When I started reading blogs they were mostly knitting and craft related. Then I began to find food blogs, then fun blogs, then educational blogs, the list just kept going. As I've continued to read and explore I find that I have mercilessly dropped some of my older reads in favor of new ones. Some of it is time but some of it is also because I've realized I can only read so many craft blogs at one time. And I can only read so many vegetarian blogs at one time too. I do wish I had kept a list of what I used to read though, I think it would have been interesting to track the evolution of my blogreads.

But I like what I'm reading now and that's what is important. Check out the link above, maybe you'll find some new blog reads of your own.

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