Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the best laid plans....

I'm always trying to organize better. Truthfully I'm not sure why. I guess I somehow feel that if I could be better organized life would run more smoothly. That may not necessarily be true, but I still try.

I have found lots of help and inspiration at The Flylady and Organized Home.

In my continuing quest for order I decided that I was going to tackle D's room while she was away at camp. Being the procrastinator that I am I didn't manage to get to it the first week. No problem, week two was there. Steve helped me and we made significant progress in the first two days clearing out her room, cleaning, re-arranging.

It all came to a screetching halt right there. I took a day off to go visit my newest niece, K. I had a really lovely visit with my sister-in-law and got in lots of baby cuddles. While I was down there the camp nurse called home. D had a very high fever and with no air conditioning at camp they felt it was prudent to bring her home. Steve went and fetched her and all of her stuff from camp (which ends tomorrow - whether she makes it to the banquet depends on how she feels). She was happy that her room was clean and rearranged but all the stuff it out of it. I had been hoping to get rid of more than I suspect I will be able to now. But we're organizing and sorting and the end result will still be better than what she had before.

Lessons learned? I still procrastinate more than I should. I try to tell myself it's because I have too much to do (which is true) but I have also learned that part of the problem is that I never seem to find the time to do just one thing at a time. There are always too many tasks demanding my attention (laundry and cooking are two biggies that come to mind).

Other lesson learned? I have improved. As I was working in her room I realized that although I may not be as organized as I would like to be, in the last few years I have made significant progress. So there's hope.

Last lesson? Kids are pigs. Goodness knows I love 'em to pieces, but they are just the messiest creatures ever put on the face of this earth. The good news? One day they move out, you get your house back and whether they keep their own place neat becomes totally their responsibility. Now if I can just hold on to that thought for the next however-many-years.

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