Tuesday, March 01, 2005

the woofer

D is pet-sitting for the people down the street. Their Yorkshire Terrier, Woofie, is really cute and very people oriented. Today we decided that instead of leaving him at home alone in this awful weather we would bring him down to our house to play. He even got a bath in the laundry sink so now he's all squeeky clean. He's wandering around exploring. Chloe is not impressed and Sam is looking rather confused.

Update: Chloe was unimpressed as long and she and Woofie were not in the same room. Woofie, who is a very mild-mannered dog, morphed into the World's-Most-Ferocious-Feline-Chaser as soon as he spotted Chloe. Chloe puffed up and then turned tail and ran. She ran to her accustomed safety spot, under our bed. Unfortunately for her Woofie is small enough to fit under there. There was a multi-hallway back-and-forth chase until Chloe took a sharp left into D's room and someone managed to grab Woofie and banish him to the downstairs.

Now he's back to his mild-mannered self and Chloe is cautiously stalking the upstairs warily investigating each corner. At least she got some exercise today although I'm sure this was not her preferred method.


betty said...

Our kitty doesn't get enough exercise either. I've been noticing that some cat owners in our neighborhood are actually walking their cats outside on leashes! The first time I saw that, I did a double-take because I thought it was a strange breed of dog that they were walking, LOL.

I asked my vet if this was a good idea for my kitty, and he said no. That she was too old to teach her new tricks like that. He said that cat owners who want to teach their cats to walk peaceably outside on a leash have to start when they are kitties when they are more easily trainable because they don't know anything different.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies said...

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