Wednesday, March 23, 2005

daily digest

*sigh* What a day it's been.

The washer was delivered, hurray. Upon delivery it was discovered that the taps were corroded. Off to Home Depot to get new ones. Installing them the pipe cracked. Below the wall. An emergency call to the plumber who, thankfully, came right away to fix it -- Thank you Ron. The hole in the wall is barely noticeable and two loads later the machine definitely works. One down.

The furnace stopped working. Again. Another call to the heating oil company who sent a technician to fix it. Turns out the igniter went bad. Unfortunately it's not one of those things that would have been discoverable when they patched the heat exchanger yesterday. Now to shop around for a new furnace. It's so nice to have heat again.

Snow. *whimper* On the way home it started snowing. A lot. Coming down thick, fast and wet. The prediction is for 6-8 inches overnight. The kids are convinced that there will be no school tomorrow. D is determined to make this come true by sleeping with her pajamas inside out and backwards and a tablespoon under her pillow. Apparently this is a no-fail prescription for a snow day. Check back tomorrow to find out.

With all of this excitement it isn't any wonder that I have no time for knitting, sewing, etc. I think I'm going through withdrawal.

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