Friday, March 18, 2005

movie night

It's movie night at our house. S invited a bunch of friends over for dinner and a movie. They take turns going to each others' house every Friday; I'm happy that they like coming to our house. They're a great group of kids and there isn't a lot of choice for them around here as far as places to go. I like having them around; they're interesting, smart, funny and very sweet. It's so great when kids turn out like that.

Feeding them is a tricky proposition, after all these are teenagers with ravenous appetites. I decided this time I would just order a party sub at the grocery store. I asked how many kids were coming, added a few for the rest of the household occupants and ordered a 5 foot sub (half ham and chees half turkey and cheese in case you are interested). I thought 12 teens were coming. Turns out it's more like 6! And one is a vegetarian! I guess there's going to be a lot of sandwich left over.

What movie are they watching? I don't know they haven't gotten to the movie part yet. I stopped at the town library earlier in the day to pick a couple of movies just in case no one remembered to bring any. We are very lucky in that our town library has a fabulous selection of movies to borrow and the Head Librarian is wonderful about continually supplementing the collection. My choices for tonight were Hidalgo, Wyatt Earp and Time Machine. I have seen Hidalgo and Wyatt Earp, both of which I thought were good movies. I haven't seen Time Machine but I heard it got good reviews and it seemed like an interesting movie. Others did bring movies as well so they have plenty to choose from. I wouldn't mind watching any of the three that I got but don't want to squash in on their party so perhaps I'll watch one later this weekend.

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