Monday, March 21, 2005

pea soup

It's so thick and foggy this morning that it's hard to see anything at all. A distinct change from snow and one that I am happy for. The warmer temperatures are very welcome as are the small green shoots that I see in the yard indicating the bulbs about to burst forth with their lovely welcome colors of spring.

When letting the dog out we startled a small herd of deer, I think five or six, that were grazing in the garden in the back yard. I swear every year they get braver and come closer to the house. Luckily Sam, our beagle-basset, is old, deaf, and not so inclined, one hopes, to chase them anymore. His sniffer still works but they bounded away before he realized they were there; lucky for me because the fog is so thick that I wouldn't have been able to follow. Which would have been a pretty silly sight anyway. Very fast deer being chased by an arthritic senior-citizen dog who is nonetheless faster than an average out-of-shape human.

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