Monday, March 14, 2005


We have another FO. I finished him a while ago from a knitting and sewing/stuffing point of view. But the mane took forever because each piece had to be put in one at a time. And I carefully ordered them so he would look full and dashingly handsome.

I finished his mane today while listening to D at her piano lesson. Truly one of the better ways to knit as I have mentioned before.

I'm posting this picture (although the quality isn't great sorry) because I'm pretty sure that the person for whom my little friend here is intended for does not read this blog. As soon as she saw him D squealed, "oooh, he's cute, I want one." After coming home and showing him off to S & V I got pretty much the same response. I guess I'll be making a few more of these.

The pattern is one that I got from "The Zen of Knitting" which I read while visiting my Aunt Carol this summer. Apparently it is one of the patterns that the Waldorf School uses to teach their third graders how to knit. It was pretty easy to follow and can be made into a dog, sheep, lion, etc. Basically any four-footed animal, depending on alternative characteristics. I think it's also a good way to use up some scrap yarn.

I did work on the hat today also. When I finished Mr. Lion here I pulled the hat out of the bag and managed to get in a few rows before the lesson was over. I'm looking forward to Stitch Sisters this Thursday so that I can hopefully make some real progress towards finishing the hat.

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