Sunday, March 20, 2005

raining, pouring

Why is it that one machine goes all the other machines in the house get jealous for attention and decide to get cranky?

I've come home from purchasing a lovely new washing machine to discover that my furnace is not working properly. In other words the house is cold and the furnace won't come on. A call to the heating oil company helps me find the reset button and the machine comes one.

A short lived sigh of relief because an hour or so later the house is filled with the noxious odor of heating oil. Off goes the emergency furnace switch, a call to the heating oil company to let them know that now the furnace is completely off and a silent blessing of thanks that we have a wood-burning stove and that my husband chopped enough wood last summer to get us through this late season cold spell.

I guess I'm working at home tomorrow while I wait for the furnace guy to come fix it. Another silent blessing of thanks that at least I can work from home. In the face of challenges there are things to be grateful for.

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