Saturday, March 19, 2005

clown car

Today has been a crazy day. Left the house early this morning to go to the library book sale where I *shhhhhhh* bought books. Then had to go buy a few last minute supplies for V's birthday party. Off to D's Super Saturday presentation. Next on to Costco (ugh on a Saturday?!?!). Then to the grocery store to pick up the birthday cake.

While leaving the grocery store I get a call from V. Can I please pick up one of her friends who is stranded at home because her mother is still at work. Huh? I took the SMALL car today. It's really full because I went to Costco (and I bought paper products there among other things and we all know how bulky that stuff is).

D points out that if I rearrange the back I might be able to put up one of the seats and pick up V's friend. So with a heavy sigh I start driving over there praying that when I get there we will have enough room in the car. To make a long story short we do have enough room but boy is it tight. D is stuffed into the back seat by virtue of the fact that she's the smallest occupant of the car.

We get back to the house and unload just in time for the first guests to start arriving, while the kitchen looks like a war zone. The phone is ringing, the dog is barking -- some days it just feels like Grand Central Station around here.

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