Sunday, March 06, 2005

the crud

I haven't been knitting for the last couple of days even though it was originally my intention to get to work on the hat and finish it. I've been ill with the crud, horribly runny nose - which currently feels like sandpaper-- headache and achy eyes, not conducive to knitting. And I'm sure you needed to know that. But I'm bummed because although I am a slow knitter I was hoping to be close to finishing the hat and that much closer to knitting the fabric purse.

Speaking of the fabric purse I have finally started sewing the strips together. Goodness it's going to take a long time. Good thing I have another project to keep me occupied because there are more of these things than I thought. Note to self: next time figure out how to cut longer strips. I decided to use a red thread for this and am hoping that the threads won't show up too much when I am knitting the strips. I'm *really* looking forward to seeing how this whole project works out.

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