Tuesday, April 12, 2005

yarn diet update

How long is a yarn diet? I'm beginning to realize that not buying ANY yarn is harder than I thought. So far I have restrained myself and only bought for a gift. But I am tempted. I have a lot of lovely yarns that are waiting for projects -- some are determined some are not -- but entirely far more projects and yarn than time.

A lovely friend of mine, Cathy, just called and offered me some green cotton/silk blend she found in her closet that she doesn't want. I have decided to accept. Is this cheating on the diet? I'm not sure.

If you look at my knit chart you see I've made no substantial progress on any of the three active projects (I've decided to list only three at time). Not for any lack of wanting to you understand, just lack of time. I really do need to get my fanny in gear and finish Bluff though, since it goes with Bluffette which is done. But there are p-l-e-n-t-y more projects in the wings. Including my lovely knitted fabric purse. Almost done with those blasted stitchings for the strips. Next time I am definitely trying to knot it. It will probably change the overall look of the fabric/yarn but should be an interesting texture. I even have an idea that I will meld the next one with a color coordinating fun fur.

Hah! Listen to me. I haven't even started on the first one and already I have plans for the next. It's a sickness, really.

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