Sunday, April 24, 2005


While on vacation, we went to visit my uncle in Florida [hi Uncle Steve!], we mostly hung around the pool and lazed on the lanai. Nothing really big but it sure recharged our batteries. We're normally so busy with our day-to-day lives and all of the running around and responsibilities that it was utter luxury to sleep late and enjoy the weather and relax.

The one touristy thing that we did was to go on a river boat cruise to see wildlife. We had hoped to see manatees but appparently their "season" ends in March so that didn't happen. We did however see lots of alligators, a number of different kinds of turtles, several species of birds, and lots of plants. One alligator was sunning itself on a log. As the boat moved closer the alligator didn't budge, not even to open its eyes. The Captain told us, "We call them tourist gators. They bask in the sun all day and go out to eat at night."

We learned a lot on the tour also. For example, the water was a brackish color. Apparently that means that there is both salt and fresh water present. And alligator nests are three degrees warmer at the top of the nest. The eggs that are on the top, the warmest ones, will become male alligators. That was kind of strange but interesting. We also learned that an alligator, at least in that area, is considered mature once it gets to about six feet in length.

The next time we go to Florida we'll have to take the tour again, maybe we'll get to see river otters or manatees.

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