Monday, April 04, 2005

pampered princess

Yesterday was D's birthday. Her actual birthday and her party. We invited several friends over, I even had two friends, Christina and Rita, over to help -- and thank goodness I did because I couldn't have done this party by myself. The theme was pampered they did facials, nails, hair, vitamin water and cake, what more can you ask for?

The girls sat around and put on mud masks with my friends and I helping them since they had never done this before. It was very funny to watch them "hey poke my face, it's really stiff!" "Watch my face crack." Christina suggested that we put cucumber slices on their eyes so we sliced one up and handed it out. Then they got warm washclothes to soak on their faces before wiping off the mask. This was followed by toner and moisturizer. Not that any of these baby-faced beauties needed this stuff mind you, but it was fun!

A break for a "salon" lunch of friend mozzarella sticks and cake (it was from Costco, they make the BEST cakes, and filled with vanilla cheesecake, yummmmm) after which we held the grand present opening.

This was followed by nail polishing, hair decorating, and lip glossing. When the party was over each departing guest received a bar of soap that said princess, some colored bath confetti and a candy bar. I'm thinking this could be a good theme for grown-up girls too!

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