Monday, April 04, 2005

rain rain go away

This past weekend has been a downpour. The rivers are swollen, the creeks have overflowed their's a good thing we live on a hill. Driving into town the gas station has a pond in front of it and apparently residents along the river were warned to move to higher ground. I'm not sure how many inches we got but it was a lot.

The ground is all soft and muddy, of course, and the birdhouse poles have all tilted over. I'll have to wait till the ground firms up a bit and go reset them, hopefully no one has taken up residence yet so they will not be too disturbed.

And speaking of spring tasks I think it is time to take down the bird feeder. My husband pointed out this morning that we have very few birds visiting but our squirrel population is growing a lot. We have one awfully cute squirrel whose fur looks like s/he is part grey squirrel part black squirrel. D has decided that we should name it! I'll let them finish what's in the feeder and then not bother refilling it.

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