Sunday, April 24, 2005

more knitting stuff

I'm still attempting to corral all of my unfinished objects (UFO in knitspeak) to figure out if any of them are going to be discarded or not. Now that I have actually taken several of them apart I feel somewhat liberated and willing to rip out others. I have to evaluate each one and decide. The object is to bring the list down to a manageable level of projects that I actually WANT to finish.

I am also in the process of organizing all of my papers and books. I've discovered that over the years I have printed a lot of patterns, scribbled notes, and collected freebies from the stores until I have a veritable storm of paper.

Thirdly I am reorganizing all of my knitting bags (too many to admit to here). I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy just one more box to store yarn in but then that's it seriously. I need to get this under control and organized. It does seriously mean that I shouldn't buy more yarn for quite a while however I have more than enough to happily keep me in knitting projects for at least a year (if not longer).

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