Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Beautiful, balmy, sunny degrees outside today. Almost enough to thaw the final remnants of winter from my bones.

I thoroughly enjoyed being outside and cleaning up more of the brush and woody stuff in the garden after work today. At this time of year I am always presented with a clear the leaf mould or not. Some years we still get frosts up until mid-May. At what point do I decide it's safe and rake it out of the beds. If I guess too late I have to pull it out by hand which is messier and takes longer. If I do it too early I run the risk of something dying in a late frost. For now I'm content to clean up all of the "sticks" and I'll think/deal with it later.

It was such a beautiful day outside that D and I even had time for a game of hopscotch. She beat the pants off me but it was fun to spend that time outside together. She was so cute in her triumph, ta DAH!

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