Thursday, April 14, 2005


Tonight was Stitch Sisters; we had a really good gathering of 8. It was lovely to sit around, chatting, knitting, laughing together. What a wonderful group of ladies these friends of mine are, I so enjoy my Thursday nights with them.

I actually finished a project!!! Bluff is done!!!! I'm so happy. I think I'll leave Bluff and Bluffette up on the knit list for a little while so I can see that 100%.

And I made a momentous decision today. I'm unknitting a number of projects. These are projects that haven't gotten very far and have been languishing at the bottom of my closet woefully looking up at me each time I open the door. There's the elephant with LOTS of mistakes. I think I'll restart it because I do want to make one but it won't be this one. Then there's the
Ugly Slippers courtesy of Mariko...well, actually Nancy but Mariko is the one who posted the pattern. I started a pair. They are SOOOOO ugly (how ugly are they?) REEEAAAALLLLLY ugly. I have one-third of one slipper done and I don't even like the yarn anymore. It's gotta go.

I think it's kind of like reading books you don't like. I've gotten to the point in my life where if I don't like a book I don't finish it. I have barely any time to read as it is why should I spend my precious reading time reading something that is a struggle? I've decided to give myself permission to start on a new slate. Get rid of all the projects I don't want or know that I can't finish easily enough so that I can focus on those I do want to do. A new and pared down knit list if you will. Unfortunately this means even more of a yarn diet since I truly can't buy anymore yarn after I re-roll all this stuff and take up yet another bin stuffed into another closet where my husband, hopefully, doesn't see it. hmmmmm....maybe we need more closets.

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