Monday, May 29, 2006

weekend update

It was a very busy weekend, so much going on that I had no time to write it all down until now.

Saturday I got together with my NBF Holly, her daughter E, her sister Wendy, my daughter D, my Aunt Susan and we had a great time. Lounging, laughing, going out for yummy Thai food (I left my take-away in your fridge! - wah), going to Ikea for hours, back to the house, quick dinner, drive home, collapse into bed.

Sunday I was very priviledged to be able to attend a lecture by Swami Asokananda on meditation. He's a very gifted speaker, witty, amusing, thought-provoking. I felt that I really gained a lot from listening to him and having the opportunity to meet him for a moment after his talk.

After that I went to Stormville and wandered around in the hot weather for a little while. I found a few pieces of vintage cloth (tablecloth, etc) and a couple of lovely embroidered pillow cases. My Mom had given us a few very nice handmade lace edged pillow cases a couple of years ago and I think these go nicely with them. It was so hot though that I really didn't stay too long.

Came home, went out with my kids, came home and collapsed (does this seem like a theme?). As I said, it was a long weekend but a lot of fun. Thank goodness today is a holiday so we can have a quiet day at home to try to catch up on chores and relax a lttle.

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