Thursday, May 11, 2006


Like I have nothing better to do in my life...gah! Reading the blogosphere I come across an adorable little thing called an Otama. Apparently they are from Japan. They are crocheted. No idea what they are supposed to be for...cute/fun/toy I guess. You can find the link on how to make one of your very own here.

I haven't crocheted in a long time and it looks like it's cute and quick. A great way to use up scrap yarn. No one mentioned addictive because I find myself wanting to make more (I've made three so far -- have to see if I can get a decent pic for you). Each one comes out totally different and with it's own personality. And they are kind of cute.

We won't mention things like housework, laundry, knitting, gardening...just taking some me time and *ahem* making stocking stuffers [yeah, that's it...stocking May].

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