Monday, May 29, 2006


As part of my laundry update I come to the subject of socks. Lots of people have written about missing-sock-from-the-dryer syndroms, Erma Bombeck being inarguable the most famous of them.

My dilemma is slightly more tricky. Two out of three children in my house (sounds like a commercial doesn't it) prefer to wear mismatched socks. Sometimes not even matching the outfit they are wearing. On occasion not even matching in length. Does this bother me? Not one iota. Why you ask? Well...

it's a form of self-expression,

it means I don't have to worry about matching up socks out of the laundry,

they're old enough to dress themselves, if they wear blue pinstripes and orange polka-dots who am I to quibble about matching socks,

it means I don't have to buy socks as often because they will always have a pair

The one problem with this theory is that all socks are fair game (well, except for Dad's but they don't seem to be drawn to men's black dress socks so he's safe for now. I'm sure in a pinch if they were desperate and thought they could get away with it all bets would be off). This means each others' and, most importantly, mine! [note: let's not even begin to discuss shirts, shoes, pajamas and purses]

Sometimes it can take up to six months for me to get a sock back especially since one of the two does her own laundry. She pilfers one of my socks and who knows when I'll find out about it. Unfortunately sometimes it's been washed so many times more than it's mate that they no longer match, then the child in question gets "new" socks.

I have a section of my sock drawer reserved for singles. It's depressing how many socks are in that part of the drawer. I have, upon occasion, been tempted to rip one of my socks off the foot of a child spotted wearing it. Usually I just request that they return it when they are done with it. Unfortunately I am so brain dead that I don't remember and they continue to wash-and-wear until the next time I notice or until I happen to get to the dryer before they do and remove my socks to safety.

My biggest fear is that one day when they move out I will discover that I actually own several hundred pairs of socks instead of the measly couple of dozen I currently have in my drawer.

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