Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It stands for Stitch Sisters Seal of Approval. Yes folks, tonight was Stitch Sisters. I am, as I have mentioned before, so very grateful for this wonderful group of women. The friendship, laughter, encouragement, and more is just an amazing blessing in my life.

Tonight my brain was total mush. I was working on a square and wound up knitting the same row three times! More tired than I thought I was I guess.

But we had neat show and tells tonight. One member has finished her sweater and is seaming it together. It's beautiful and we all want it. Unfortunately I don't think she's sharing :-( Another is working on the first of many teeny-weeny doilies to make a tablecloth. Several beautiful scarves, an adorable baby hat (not for our Hats for the Homeless project), some wonderful beading projects and a couple of amazing embroidery/stitched cards and things. The creativity really astounds me and inspires me at the same time.

We also instituted the Stitch Sisters Seal of Approval. One of our members is going to her prom in two weeks. She brought two dresses to model for us to see which one she should wear. We all agreed that she should wear this one gorgeous red dress. She has very pale skin and dark dark hair plus she's slim and gorgeous. She looked just stunning. We had fun watching her model for us and can't wait to see the pictures from prom.

So while I didn't make much knitting progress I got an emotional recharge that I really needed. Definitely worth it.

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