Tuesday, May 23, 2006

buying plants

Today while running errands I stopped at the nursery just down the street. She always has such lovely things and I really enjoy visiting with her as well as purchasing plants. The hard part is that everything looks so lovely I usually wind up buying much more than I need.

Today I was fairly restrained. I bought two tomato plants (one is a patio type to see if perhaps I like that better than beefsteak for the limited growing space). Although we get tomatoes from the Farm I like having fresh from my garden as well. I also bought a thyme to replace mine which does not look like it is coming back, parsley, a catnip (which I will hide from Chloe on the upper deck) and a sorrel plant. I resisted all the lovely jewel-like flowers she had. I'm trying to rip out my backyard the last thing I need to do is to make more work for myself.

When I got there it was a planting party. Her son and two of his friends (all in kindergarten) were helping her make container gardens. They were busy mixing the soil in the wheelbarrow, filling containers with the soil and then planting the flowers she gave them where she told them to. I mentioned that her house is probably one of the most popular ones for playdates...kids are encouraged to play in the dirt there. It was so sweet to see their little faces enjoying the dirt and yet being productive as well.

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