Saturday, April 21, 2007

when was the last time i...

tagged by Dawn I've decided to play along.

1. kissed someone? lots of kisses today, hubby, kids, even the dog tries to get in on the kisses here.

2. drank coffee? ummmm...about 8 or 9 years ago

3. read a book? Just finished The Ageless Woman

4. cursed? sounds too good to be true but unless you count dagnabit and darnitall I really don't curse

5. had a nightmare? maybe a few nights ago? I really don't seem to remember my dreams anymore

6. checked your email? A few minutes ago

7. had a crush? ummm...28 years ago, it was Steve

8. drove a car? A week ago

9. rode a roller coaster? I hate them so it was probably when I was a teen

10. took a nap? Yesterday, yah for vacations!

11. went to the movies? A long time ago, I usually wait for them to come out on DVD. I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Eragon which was very disappointing

12. drank alcohol? Tonight, a glass a white wine

13. went to a party? March - the neighborhood St. Patty's Day

14. said “I love you"? not that long ago

15. cooked a meal? Too long ago

16. exercised? A week ago? Amazing how lazy I get on vacation

You're next. If you are reading this you are tagged.

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