Monday, April 16, 2007

rainy day

Rain rain and more rain. Thank goodness it's not snow like Melissa's area. However, we've had enough that some streets are flooded, cars have been abandoned in the middle of puddles big enough to be called lakes and I'm grateful that I know my way around well enough to detour everywhere.

I had a dentist appointment this morning to get fitted for a mouth guard. I've got TMJ and the drug store mouth guards just aren't doing the job anymore. From there to the grocery store, a couple of other stops while I was in the area, post office, library, bank and then back home. All by very indirect routes. Lots of police officers out, flashing lights and barricades; it's amazing how bad the floods are. All of the local rivers are seriously swollen and murky.

Luckily we live at the top of a hill. One of my neighbors, who has goats, horses, etc, once told her insurance agent, when being questioned about the flood plain, that if it flooded up here he should start looking for an ark. So now I'm home, warm, dry and safe.

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