Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Speaking of books in the last post I somehow started reading two books at the same time. Given that my reading time has decreased to a painful sluglike pace I'm not sure how this happened.

The first one is Marley & Me I keep snorting with laughter causing my children to believe that I have finally gone round the bend. When I share passages with Steve he laughs too. I think it's laughter of relief. While Tobi is rambunctious and unrestrainedly lovable in his own special way he is not quite as...um....destructive energetic as Marley appears to be. This gives us hope because after all Tobi came to us completely un-housebroken and with no manners. He now IS housebroken and has manners. His only *ahem* challenges are learning that not everyone is dying for big wet sloppy puppy kisses and that compost is not meant to be edible. As you can imagine the book is very humorous, I like the writing style and am enjoying it tremendously.

The other is Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping I picked it up because I had seen a blurb about the author and thought the premise of the book was interesting. She and her partner decide not to buy anything that is not essential for one year. Of course his idea of what is essential sometimes varies from hers but that just adds to the entertainment. On a more serious note I've only read up to February and it's making me think about how we view ourselves and our spending; not to mention the over consumption going on all around us. Well written and definitely enjoyable.


K said...

Hi Mira,
I saw that book about not buying for a year. I looked through it and thought it looked interesting, but I had to chuckle when I had the thought, "don't buy anything for one year... fight against the establishment... right after you buy my book!" LOL

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I'm not sure I could go a whole year without purchasing anything unnecessary, although I think we, as consumers, need to reevaluate our tendencies to overspend. I would love to read your review when you are done ~ that just may be a book I want to check out at the library :-)