Tuesday, April 10, 2007

stitching serenade

Tonight was Stitch Sisters. We were lucky in that the church choir is practicing again. It's wonderful, we get to sit there, stitching, talking, enjoying each others company and in the background is this lovely lovely music.

We have a couple of new members which is really great. Not everyone shows up every week but it's great to see whoever is there.

My personal achievement is that I finally have joined the neck on my sweater!!! Yay!!! I'm so happy as this means I have the other sleeve to do and I am done. I'm praying that I have enough of the solid color yarn as I have lost the yarn band and do not think I will be able to buy more (stretching thoughts appreciated from the crowd). I'm really happy with the way it is turning out. I did find an error too far back to rip but hopefully no one will notice. I figure the big test of its lovliness will be if any of my children try to steal borrow it from me once it is complete.

The charity blanket is making its rounds on to the next stitcher. Unfortunately it's the one of us who has NO STASH!!! We've all offered to help her with her stash deprivation and had a rather large conversation about stash, hiding of said stash, acquisition of MORE stash and how on earth one can live without a stash. She's getting the blanket and volunteeer stash which may get her back on the road to a stash of her own.

We were having such a good time it was well after 9:00 when we ended. As the days get longer so do our meetings, what a fun thing.

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Nina, www.zigzagandpurl.com said...

How I would love to be part of a group like this, where I could meet fellow friends interested in knitting and sewing.

Do you have the possibility to post pictures of the blanket and you sweather? Would bee really nice to see them both!