Saturday, April 21, 2007


I've been gone. Headed south for a few days to soak up some sunshine. It was really wonderful. We went to FL and visited my Aunt.

Funny side story:

I once received a compliment on some clothes that I was wearing. My friend asked where I got them. I told her that they were from this exclusive shop in New York called My Aunt's Closet. Her response was, "Really? Where is it, I would love to go there." I had to tell her that it was REALLY my Aunt's closet."

The exclusive shop has moved to FL and I came home with a jacket, two shirts, four pairs of pants and a pair of shoes! Score!!!!!

Steve and I got to see lots of wonderful beachy views, nice sunsets, spend time with great people, it was a lot of fun.

I will say that I managed to get some kov (knitting on vacation) done. Finished (except for the fringing) a scarf for the latest charity project with Stitch Sisters. I also started a pair of wrist warmers that I have been meaning to do for two years! I've had the yarn sitting in stash for that long. It's finally in process.

The single yarn shop that I saw on vacation was CLOSED!!!! Aaaaaaaaugh! Steve was not too distress, I on the other hand.....

And in a true display of how knitter stick together, the flight attendant on our flight home and I had a lovely conversation about knitting, projects and stash in general and all sorts of other knitutia (knitting minutia). It was great.

Vacation is over, just in time to really see how much work is required in the garden. However, it was a good getaway.

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