Friday, April 13, 2007

observations of the day

Getting out the door with D this morning was a comedy of errors. Every time we went out to the car we (mostly she) closed/locked the garage door behind us, necessitating my getting out of the car, unlocking the door, getting back in the car only to start the process over again. It got so ridiculous that I had to laugh. In the span of 5 minutes or so she had to go back into the house for:

CD Player

Observation: why do they call it a senior moment when children are probably far more forgetful than adults?

Flowers that I have seen in bloom today include profusions of daffodils on the hillside by town hall and a few lovely purple crocus next to my front door.

Observation: No matter how cold it seems it must be spring

While driving today I saw the most bizarre thing it has ever not been my priviledge to witness. Hung on the back of a Ford F-350 truck that cut in front of me (very rudely I might add) was a pair of testicles. I'm sure they weren't real but they were pretty realistic looking.

Observation: It's not enough that you drive a huge gas guzzling truck, now you need to ensure your masculinity by proving it's a guy truck? Really. *sigh* people never cease to amaze me.

Also while driving today I almost hit a turkey. Man those things are big. And they look funny when they fly. I was coming down a hill, around a corner and there it was walking across the road. At the last minute it flapped it's wings and became airborne.

Question: Why do they all disappear when it's turkey season, are they really that smart?

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