Tuesday, February 15, 2005

yeehah yoga

Tuesday again, that means yoga. Tonight was a fabulous class, as usual. My teacher is so wonderful and I really get inspired by her class. One of the great things is that occasionally we depart from the regular structure to explore something different.

Tonight we had a very large class of 18 people. She had us working in pairs doing partner yoga. A lot of different poses where we pulled, stretched and balanced using a partner instead of the floor or a wall. It was amazing how much more stretch you get when you are working with a partner and you are leaning away from each other pulling. The wild thing is that somehow you know exactly how much stretch you have, and it's more than you think, and you wind up perfectly balanced. At one point I told my partner, Kathy, that I felt like I was floating because I felt so perfectly aligned and balanced. We were doing a pose called King Dancer but we were balanced with our hands pushing up and against each other. We were both able to raise our back legs so high because we had found the balance point with our hands. It was a very fun class and I felt even more stretched out and lengthened than usual.

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